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Weirdos of Another Universe

There are many different "worlds" that exist within our perception. These worlds exist physically, figuratively, conceptually and culturally, and our understanding of them is constantly changing and evolving as we each gain new experiences and learn more about the different worlds around us. It is inevitable at different points in our lives that we'll be faced with entering worlds that are outside of what we already know. This could mean beginning a new career path, moving to a new city, adapting to a new culture, or experiencing a different way of living life.


"Weirdos of Another Universe" is a series of paintings where I've decided to explore the “what ifs” of an imaginary situation where a small population of humans suddenly exist within an alien world. This series is about the feeling of being an outsider after having entered a new world, and gradually figuring out how to find your place within it. This narrative sits at the core of the series, and each painting serves to either further explore this narrative or to further build the world within which it is taking place.

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